Friday 13 April 2012

Putting it in Print

Various members of the Cayman Writer's Circle have taken steps to have some of their work put in to a printed form.

C.G. Wilson writes editorials and articles for the iNews paper which has both a printed form for sale daily, and an online site. Editorials can be viewed at the following site location:

Site Link:

Brenda Quin and Peter Westin co-authored a book of poetry, published in paperback in August 2010. Book information is available at the following location:

Site Link:

Amazon has Kindle versions of this book for a very reasonable rate. The Amazon site address is as follows: (Note - Site says cost is $5.99 but actual cost is $3.99 USD)

Joan Wilson authored a book of poetry published in August of 2008. It was available in local bookstores and from Colin or Joan Wilson directly.

Support local writers. Ask at one of the local bookstores if they carry these books. Peruse the books. If you like them, support a local writer. Give them as gifts to friends.

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