Tuesday 2 July 2013

Analysing a Piece of Writing

For the month of July, the group will be bringing our writing and commenting on each others' work. Here are some questions that might be useful when commenting on someone else's writing.

Analysing a Piece of Writing
1. Setting
i)                    How well does the writer describe the place where the story is set?
ii)                   What details are there to give you an idea of the time the story is set in?
2. Characterisation
i)                    How believable are the characters?
ii)                   How do the characters develop?
3. Structure and Development
i)                    What kind of structure does the plot/poem have?
ii)                   How well does the plot/poem develop?
4. Conflict
i)                    What internal or external conflicts are you made aware of?
ii)                   How is this brought to a climax and turning point?

5. Theme
i)                    What is the theme or message to the story/poem?
ii)                   What did the writer set out to achieve, and to what extent have they achieved it?
6. Style
i)                    How would you describe the use of language?
ii)                   What use does the writer make of symbolism or metaphors?
7. Clarity
i)                    How easy is it to understand this writing?
ii)                   How well does the dialogue work?
8. Your Reaction
i)                    What is your emotional response to this piece of writing?
ii)                   Does the writer make you want to read on, and if so how?
9. Improvement
i)                    What, in your opinion, may be missing from this piece of writing?
ii)                   How can this piece of writing be improved?

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