Tuesday 17 September 2013

Writing An Allegory

An allegory is a story that is about one subject on one level, but can be read on a deeper level to symbolize something else.

On 10th September, we approached this activity in 5 steps.

1. Write 5 well-known similes, eg "Happy as Larry".

2. Write 4 of your own similes, eg "As lazy as a sloth, on its day off".

3. Write 3 metaphors, eg "She was a tree trunk of a woman".

4. Extend 2 of the metaphors into descriptions, eg "She was a tree trunk of a woman. Her legs were thick and solid. Her arms were heavy as branches, and it cost her to lift them. Her face was plump and radiant, like a flower in full bloom."

5. Write an allegorical story.

Endless Toil
The ants hurried through the tunnel in single file. Each one carried a small crumb, almost bigger than himself. Again and again, they chipped away at the crusty surface to break off their tiny crumb, carried it along the tunnel, then deposited their load on the pile beside the rest. Back they went, working silently, never complaining, though their eyes were growing dim from lack of sunlight. The work was endless, but they kept going, even while knowing that others would benefit more than themselves from their toil.
When they could carry no more, they crawled along the earth, in search of light and air. Still quiet, they followed each other, nose to tail, until they reached the shaft that would take them to the surface, and to the comfort of home, beer and cigarettes.

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