Friday 4 January 2013

Cayman Treasures.

I count the poetry and ponderings of Joan (Watler) Wilson among the true treasures of the Cayman Islands. She is a living bridge to the past of the Cayman Islands, so vividely recalled in her poetry and prose. She is a Christian lady of wit and charm, and full of island warmth, with a deep love for her country and history. Her book, pictured below, brings to life many of the people, places and events of yesteryear Cayman.



As I lie here in my hammock totally at ease
I can hear the sounds of nature and feel a gentle breeze,
The roar of traffic and sirens can be heard
But is soon forgotten with the sound of chirping birds.

From the great almond the leaves are falling
And in the distance the parrots calling.
Through my windows I can see
The trees full of blossoms for the birds and bees.

Huge trees too beautiful for words
Planted to give shade and a home for the birds,
Chimes are all around and ringing
Birds are in the air and singing.

White clouds above in the great blue yonder
Fills me with awe and makes me wonder.
The swing in my garden gives me great pleasure
And reminds me that I have a treasure.

In having a piece of God's beautiful earth
In Grand Cayman the home of my birth.
So I give thanks to God above
for giving me life and all this to love.


 There's nothing as nice as togetherness
With friends we hold so dear
To share one's delights or problems
And to show each other we care.

A look, a touch gives one a feeling of belonging.

But in these days of rush and never stop
We pass each otherr on the street or in a shop
'Hello - how are you' is all we have time to say
Too rushed - we've got to get away.

To what? A traffic jam. the office or where?
Surely we should have a moment to spare.

Maybe in our home we'll have a cup of tea
I don't know though we'll have to wait and see
Wait? But time waits on no one I'm told
So take time for each other before you're too old.

(on the waterfront)

There's a bay in central George Town
Where fish boats and men gather each day,
Tourists and locals together abound
Attracted by the fresh catch of fish on display.
And fish that is cleaned and sold by the pound
Is soon bought by all fish loving poeple around.
Today's fresh catch of fish sold on the spot
Is only 10 minutes away from the pot.

In the shade of a Pop Nut Tree on the Bay
Friends relax telling tales of yesterday
Having gone fishing from early morn
They return to shore all tired and worn.
While children play and have fun in the water
It makes us all happy to hear their laughter.
With a very clear view of the ships in our harbour
It's good to relax and rest from their labour.

Scenes such as these are not seen every day
Except, of course, at Red Spot Bay.

So, if you're out and about and have no special place to go
Come sit for a while and watch the traffic flow,
Experience the sun set at the ending of the day
There's none so beautiful than at Red Spot Bay.
And if you want the latest news or hear a story tall
Come sit a spell with the fishermen on Red Spot Wall,
They're very friendly people, I can truly say,
Sitting under the Pop Nut Tree in Red Spot Bay.

Welcome to the hungry Pelicans sitting there all day
It's a pleasure having you at Red Spot Bay.

Joan Wilson. 

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