Monday 3 June 2013


As we have some new people joining the group, and this blog is being resurrected, we will start with some Introductions. This was the exercise for the 28 May 2013.

See below for what people wrote. (Please send in your work).

i)                   Who are you? 
Write a brief introduction on who you are

ii)                Describe your family

iii)              Describe your work

iv)              Describe the sort of people you value as friends

v)                 What makes you unhappy?
vi)              What makes you happy?

vii)            What makes you different from other people?
One or two things

viii)         What special qualities do you have?
Characteristics, skills, talents

ix)              What is the purpose of your life?
Write a “Mission Statement” for yourself

x)                 Write a poem introducing yourself, incorporating the above aspects of yourself.

                 Poem: Introducing Myself

I’m Fiona and I’m over forty,
Mostly I’m good, but sometimes I’m naughty.
Of children I have been blessed with four,
Although I really can’t say I’d want any more.

Holding a business hasn’t happened here,
So at the moment, I’m a volunteer.
I love painting and writing and singing,
I’m sure to others it looks like I’m winging.

The people I value as friends
Are happy and honest and warm.
If they do wrong they make amends,
And don’t turn everything into a storm.

Silence and lies are what I hate
And not achieving, and being late.
I’m happy in the presence of God above,
And when I’m allowed to love and love.

To successful society I must be a freak,
And appear to be pathetic and weak,
As I’m honest and mean every word I say,
But my life has meaning every day.  

I’m compassionate and good at listening,
Though often my own eyes are the ones that are glistening.

I know I’ve been put right here on earth,
To inspire others to know their worth,
To share my joy as well as my pain,
And to turn my losses into gain.

By Fiona Pimentel

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