Tuesday 18 June 2013

New Meanings - Writing a Poem with Nonsense Words

Activities for 18 June 2013 - Results will appear below as they come in.

1. Dictionary Definitions
Look up a word and write out the definition. Then make up a new definition for the word. Read the definitions only to the other members of the group, and see if they can guess which is the correct definition and which one you made up, and work out what the word is.

2. Create a Story together
Each person contribute one sentence to the story. Each time it is your turn, include in your sentence one nonsense word, or an existing word, to which you have given a new meaning. Try to make clear what the new meaning is.

3. Write a poem
Include in your poem some made up words, and try to make it clear what their meanings are, without actually defining them.

4. Read the poems aloud
See if people can work out the meaning of the made up words.

after they left - by Tony Walton

we roam your steel towers
scavenging the tired relics,
fanged strolls down the wide avenues
delicious stabbed plates went
first devoured hours after,
we reconciled quick with the dogs
(even the impractical little ones - your
design) their sinful ancient collaboration
cats are still aloof as ever
well they used to be tigers,
homes and  sewers echo
lonely calls,
unaccompanied subways we
learned to use,
a razored fox lives
on a skyscraper - by himself
cracked molars of a dental construction site with
an earthdigger teethy smile frozen
never again to strike terra!
and we don't miss you.

Conversation in a Hospital - By Fiona Pimentel

When spoken to by the nurse,
The man loudly began to curse,
"I'm not a Trinitarian,
I've always been a Jupitarian".
The doctor came in and felt his head.
"My goodness, Sir, I do believe you're dead!"
To which the gentleman replied,
"I think you're quite cutterslide."
He proceeded to untie his fliques,
And they both clearly saw his obliques.
"Come, Sir, don't be so cacksleed,
I'm quite certain that what you need
Is a portionally quaft of droze,
Inserted into your naftern nose."
"Naftern, you say? Why so drade?"
"Sir, I simply haven't got the flade."
With that she left with a flourish,
Saying "I have other craddicks to nourish."

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