Thursday 8 March 2012

Diamante and Cinquain.


In November of 2010, the Writer's Circle group experimented with 2 additional forms of short poetry. The diamante is a seven line poem, shaped like a diamond. Line 1 is a single word that identifies the subject. Line 2 contains 2 adjectives that describe the subject (noun), while line 3 has action words (verbs) relating to line 1. The next line is made up of four nouns, 2 of which connect to line 1, and the other 2 which link to line 7. There are 3 action words in line 5 relating to line 7, two adjectives in line 6 that describe the noun in the final line, and the last line has one word (noun) that contrasts with line 1.


The cinquain poem is comprised of five lines. The first line contains a single word (noun). Line 2 has two adjectives that describe the noun. Line 3 is made up of three -ing words. Line 4 is a phrase that connects to the noun. The final line has another noun that relates to the first.

Although simple in thier design, members found it difficult to craft poems in those specific styles which were satisfying in their unity and the image they presented.

After the Rains.

feathery blue
standing, striding, striking…
graceful bird, solitary fisherman,
stretching, swallowing, flapping
patient dignified

By: H.M. Peter Westin


ominous rumbling
rolling quickly, surrounding,
sudden bolts of anxiety

By: H.M. Peter Westin

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