Tuesday 6 March 2012

Words of Balm.

Writing is a very personal and self-revealing process. Often we expose values at the very core of our being. We open ourselves in a way that leaves us vulnerable, yet doing so helps us solidify and confirm our own affirmations through the public expression of our ideas and beliefs.

Words of Balm

These challenges are opportunities for growth.
The search is now on for what can be learned.
There is no resurrection without crucifixion,
But resurrection will come.

I have already learned
That the answer to everything is prayer,
I may not have the exact solution,
But I can put my hand in the hand of He who does,
And the other hand
In the hand of our heavenly mother.

I must be patient with myself,
Life’s lessons are a process,
And may take some time.
There is no need to beat myself up.

If I have done wrong,
I can confess it
To the one who will deliver and save.
He will cleanse and heal,
And resurrection will come.

I can speak with a holy Christian soul,
Trained in giving His Love
To broken ones.

Well-meaning friends
Can destroy
With their helpful ideas,
But no-one knows God's plans.

He is the God of creation,
Not destruction.
Though I have looked for solace
Where only destruction can be found,
I am called to build up not tear do.

I will look for Him
In oases of peace.
He is there,
Waiting to be found.

I will be still
And wait for renewal;
Then Resurrection will come.

I won't listen
To the negative voice
In my head.
It comes from the enemy
Of my soul.

He wants me to believe
That what’s bad is good,
And what’s good is bad.
I will pray for discernment
To know the difference.

I will trust the Lord,
And put everything in his hands.
He knows far better than I can
What is best for me
At any particular time.

The right path is impossible
To follow alone.
But all things are possible with God.
The joy of resurrection will come.

By: Fiona Pimentel

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