Tuesday 6 March 2012

Haiku Poetry.

In May of 2009, the Writer's Circle group looked at the ancient Japanese form of poetry, the Haiku. It is a three line poem comprised of 17 syllables, the lines set out in a 5 - 7 - 5 syllable arrangement. The topic usually deals with some aspect of nature. Traditionally, the Japanese Haiku are untitled. More modern English speaking Haiku sometimes have titles and are a little less strict about the insistence of nature as the only topic for this form of poetry.

The group worked collaboratively, taking turns writing the first line of a poem, them writing the second line of another poem, and finally adding the third line of a different Haiku altogether. Some of our attempts left 'something to be desired', but there was promise in several of our attempts:

Writer’s Group Haiku Poetry:



Shadows follow me
Daylight slowly drifts away
Loneliness beckons.

In the Forest

Green parrots squawking
Stripping mangoes in tall trees
Pretty Polly. Slop!


Twilight descending
Moon calling from far away
Bright stars from up high



You have gone crackers;
It shows as you walk by me
Trailing tiny bits.

Some individual member Haiku:

Cashier's Hand

A lone hand ready,
Annoyance as notes, coins and
receipt - fall as one.

By: J. Mark Bailey

Words of Comfort

My words of comfort,
Unappreciated, turn
Back to soothe my soul.

By: Fiona Pimentel

Sunset Cloud Colours.

Sunset’s afterglow,
illuminates the sky, deep
shades of pink and yellow.

By: Brenda Quin

Seed of Life.

The ripe, fertile seed
falls; within lies potential,
nature’s perfection.

By: Brenda Quin


The offshore ocean
so clear, conch and starfish dance
floating in the air.

By: Brenda Quin.

Haiku 2

The morning sunlight
spills from the shallow of God’s
hand, a gift of love.

By: H.M. Peter Westin

Haiku 4

Eyes see nature, but
heart encounters providence,
in the world’s rhythms.

By: H.M. Peter Westin

Hidden Pain
Her radiant smile
And her cheerful demeanour
Hid internal scars.

By: Fiona Pimentel

A good, honest man
Creates, when lying, a path
Of devastation.

By: Fiona Pimentel

Out walking my dog,
All the strays surrounding us,
Fear grips heart and legs

By: Fiona Pimentel

Strength in Weakness

I cling to you, Lord
With all my heart, mind and soul
Too dreadful not to.

By: Fiona Pimentel

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