Monday 5 March 2012


The Writer's Circle has been operational for three years now. Over the years we have experimented with a variety of forms and subject matter.

In September 2010, members created and shared Myths that explained how some creature or object in nature came to be as it is now observed. I crafted the following story:

Why Turkeys Can’t Fly.

            Long, long ago, when the Earth was young and the Creator had furnished it with fish and animals and insects, one of the most beautiful of all birds was the wild turkey. Turkey used to fly from tree to tree, enjoying the fruits of the Earth, and the winds that carried him soaring high in the sky with the eagles. The other birds were a little jealous of the beauty and flight of Turkey, and used to gaze in awe as he swooped through the air, the light reflecting off his colourful plumage, displaying all the shades of the rainbow. Alas, Turkey spent so much time admiring himself in the reflections of the lakes and rivers that he became enamoured with his own image and through vanity his brain grew drowsy with lack of use.

            One day, while Turkey was busy displaying his plumage on the surface of the nearby pond, Sly Fox crept close by.

            Turkey, my friend,” he called out engaging the bird in conversation as he approached, “please fan your fantastic feathers so that I can enjoy the colours.”

            “Brother Fox,” replied Turkey, “come over by me so that you can see the true magnificence of my adornment.” Sly Fox moved slowly closer until he stood alongside Turkey. As Turkey glanced once more into the water reflection, he was lucky to notice Fox open wide his jaws just as he snapped in his direction.

            Turkey jumped instinctively, just in time to avoid the closing jaws and an untimely end. Sly Fox grasped only a mouthful of Turkey’s wing feathers. Flapping as hard as he could and scolding Brother Fox angrily at his cunning trick, Turkey managed to reach the lower branch of a nearby tree. His prize flight feathers plucked out in Sly Fox’s jaws, Turkey was never again able to soar where the eagles fly.

By: H.M. Peter Westin

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